Essential Oils Seminar


Essential Oils are more than just beautiful scents! They are the extension of the health benefits from plants, from their flowers to their leaves and bark, down to their roots. Individual essential oils and blends can freshen the air, provide an alternative to harsh chemical scents, and be used therapeutically. Come join Marva Ward, CNP and learn everything you wanted to know about essential oils and their benefits including:

  • How to know if an essential oil is pure, high quality, and the labelling is correct
  • Aromatherapy, what it is and what the possible benefits can be
  • How to use Essential Oils in easy projects
  • Any other essential oil or diffuser related questions you have

This is also a great time to share any of your favourite oil recipes and learn a few new ones!

The cost is $10 to save your seat and you will receive a $10 giftcard and a FREE bottle of essential oil to get started or add to your collection.

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