Our Story


Amaranth Foods started in 1994 with a desire to help people live healthier lives by becoming more aware of what is in the food they were eating and how their food choices had an impact on the local and global environment.

Since then, we have grown into a locally-owned and operated natural food store with four locations in Alberta - and has remained true to the vision that led the charge over 24 years ago.

As a family-run business, we believe in sourcing a wide variety of products to supplement a range of diets and lifestyles. Many products found on our shelves are sourced as locally as possible, and we strive to provide unique products that fit your lifestyle. We continue to search for new frontiers in health, food, and wellness. We are always looking for healthy locally-grown products from sustainable farms.

We believe that the purchases we make - food, clothing, technology - have a profound and rippling effect on our local and global community. Our purchases has an impact for ourselves and for the planet. We pick the products we carry with great intention for our physical health, but also for the health of our communities and respect for our planet.


Our Commitment


We believe that we have a profound responsibility to take care of Earth, our home. We commit to creating a store where your purchase matters - for your personal health, your community, and for the planet.


We commit to providing you with the best customer experience possible. And we commit to being a place of employment where people love coming to work every day.


We believe that giving back to our communities is vital. We commit to  working with local suppliers and our customers to create the best natural food stores, strengthen Alberta’s economy and minimize impact on the environment.


Your health journey is unique and personal. We commit to respecting your journey and empowering you with knowledge, products and confidence to live your healthiest life.

Ken, President and Owner, and his wife Amy

Ken, President and Owner, and his wife Amy

Brendan Klatt, Ken’s Son, Category Manager Grocery and Marketing Lead

Brendan Klatt, Ken’s Son, Category Manager Grocery and Marketing Lead

A Short History

In the early 90’s, our fearless founder, Ken Klatt, saw the need for a new kind of health food store - one that welcomed everyone. After an awkward experience shopping at the local organic food store while wearing a suit, Ken got to work creating this space.

Let’s let him tell the story.

Two events in my life led me down this path. The first was environment-related. I was one of a small group of Calgarians who valued the benefits of recycling paper and glass. We worked individually in our own communities to host monthly recycling drives at our community centres. As our success grew, we joined forces and reached out to business partners – a local mall, the city of Calgary, Nova Corporation – and initiated recycling drives at a shopping centre in northwest Calgary.

The second was my getting involved with a local health food co-op. I began shopping at the Earth Harvest Co-op after tasting some organic apples.  Befriending staff on my weekly shopping trips led to several terms as a director for the co-op. At that time, it seemed like the industry was living in the past and that by presenting a more inviting shopping experience, we would encourage more people to buy these healthy products. I had the concept of increasing this market by creating a demand for organics rather than marching in the street and telling farmers what to grow.

Why Amaranth?

Amaranth is  an ancient grain. It is flexible and hardy enough to grow in both alpine areas and low-lying valleys. As a versatile grain, both leaves and seeds are used. This versatility inspired a business that would reinvent the way to live in a healthy, holistic and mindful manner.