March 2018 New Products


New Products at Amaranth March 2018!

Spring’s around the corner, and it’s a good time to refresh your routine and diet with these great new products

Truffula Vegan Cheeses

These creamy vegan cashew “cheeses” are made in Edmonton, and we carry white truffle, dill and black peppercorn, as well as a plain spread. Want to give them a try? Come by the Enjoy Centre location on Taste the Savings Day (March 7) to sample the cheeses from the maker herself — plus, you get 12% off your entire purchase (including any Truffula cheeses!) that day.

Why We Love It: These cheeses are a raw food product made only with organic cashews, local herbs, spring water and dairy-free probiotics — and there’s a splash of white truffle olive oil from Evoolution in the white truffle flavour.

Where to Find It: Enjoy Centre in St. Albert

Mckenzie’s Honey

You might have used this delicious produced-in-Three Hills Alberta raw honey before, but look out for their new varieties! A smaller buckwheat size, wildflower, blueberry and hard to find iced honey join the lineup. 

Why We Love It: Classic honey is always great, but we also love the distinctive flavour each variety — Buckwheat, Blueberry, and Wildflower — gets from its flower source. The iced honey, with Rocky Mountain Wildflowers as its source, is a whole new level of creaminess and smoothness that has to be tried to be believed and makes a great present (to friends living out of province, or yourself.... we wouldn't blame you!). 

Where to Find It: All new varieties at Arbour Lake in Calgary and Enjoy Centre in St. Albert, 4th st just has the Iced honey. 

Brew Doctor Kombucha Large Sizes

You already love the Brew Doctor kombucha we carry, so we’re giving you even more of it with new large 946 ml bottle sizes. We carry vanilla oak, ginger turmeric, clear mind (rosemary and sage), and love (jasmine and lavender).

Why We Love It: This kombucha is 100% organic and raw with no added juices, and it’s full of natural probiotics. Kombucha drinks are a great way to introduce fermented foods into your diet.

Where to Find It: All flavours at all four locations (except Amaranth Health 130th does not stock vanilla oak flavour)

Moo Free Vegan Easter Chocolates

The Easter Bunny has an Easter treat for everyone, even those with dietary restrictions. You loved the Moo Free Vegan advent calendars at Christmas, so we knew we had to bring in some Easter varieties! Currently, we still have the Organic Rosie Chocolate Rabbits (picture above) remaining.  The line is very popular and we expect to sell out quickly of what we have left, we encourage anyone interested to call their store to confirm stock prior to stopping in! 

Why We Love It: These delicious chocolates are gluten, dairy, soy free, wheat free and lactose-free, and come in cute seasonal varieties.

Where to Find It: Arbour Lake and 4th Street in Calgary, and the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert

Gut Lab Cosmic Hot Cacao

Warm up on a cold day by adding your favourite mylk to this nourishing and tasty blend of cacao, cinnamon, maca and other superfoods.

Why We Love It: This mix has no sweeteners, preservatives or fillers, and is gluten, dairy, soy and egg free. no sweeteners, preservatives, fillers. Plus, it’s made in Calgary!

Where to Find It: All 3 locations in Calgary

O’Doughs Gluten Free Bagels

The gluten free, celiac-friendly bagel you need to start the day with.

Why We Love It: These bagels are made in Canada and taste delicious, not like some cardboard-like gluten-free products.

When to Find It: Pumpernickle and sesame seed varieties at all 4 locations; Enjoy Centre in St Albert also carries the Everything variety 

Bob’s Paleo Baking Flour

This grain-free flour, made from nuts and root starches, is perfect for paleo and gluten-free diets.

Why We Love It: This flour is super versatile and can be used for almost anything, from crackers to pancakes.

Where to Find It: Arbour Lake and 4th Street in Calgary, Enjoy Centre in St. Albert

Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder

This dairy-free, vegan alternative to powdered milk is made with plant-based ingredients.

Why We Love It: It’s so easy to use on the go and to pack while travelling (just add water!), as a creamer, or in recipes.

Where to Find It: Arbour Lake and 4th Street in Calgary, Enjoy Centre in St. Albert

Squamish Water Kefir

Slightly sweeter with a less fermented taste than kombucha, dairy and caffeine free water kefir makes a delicious drink and is an easy way to introduce fermented foods and probiotics into your diet.

Why We Love It: It’s made close to home in Squamish, BC, plus it’s caffeine-free but still energizing.

Where to Find It: Arbour Lake and 4th Street in Calgary, Enjoy Centre in St. Albert

Duzu Dates

Dates are packed full of nutrition, from vitamins and minerals to natural sugars and fibres. The team at Duzu Dates dresses them up with tasty, organic toppings that make them addictive to eat.

Why We Love It: Made in Calgary with the best high-quality dates from California and organic ingredients. Even those who *think* they don’t like dates won’t be able to resist these.

Where to Find It: Arbour Lake and 4th Street in Calgary, Enjoy Centre in St. Albert