Granola making with My Nourish


MyNourish granola was created out of the desire to cut my family’s sugar intake, save money on pre-packaged granolas and load up with powerhouse nutrients to kick start and fuel mine and my kiddos day. It also invited my kids into the kitchen, as there is no ‘one right way’ to make this recipe. Therefore, if an extra scoop of seeds or nuts enters via little hands, it only makes the batch that much more nutritious and tastier!

The key equation to a powerhouse breakfast is carb (C) + protein (P) + healthy fat (H) + fiber (F). and you’ll find that all here!

  • C= Provides Your Initial Energy to jump start your day (Oats);
  • P= Provides Your Later Energy to fuel you through to lunch (Hemp Hearts, Chia Seeds);
  • H= Reduces Harmful Cholesterol, Boosts Brain Power and works as an Anti-inflammatory keeping your health in check (Nuts, Hemp Hearts, Coconut)
  • F= Supports Feeling Full and Aids Digestion, Supporting that ‘meat on the bones’ feeling, as well as Proper Elimination (Chia, Flax & Pumpkin Seeds)

On top of these key things you are also getting a healthy dose of antioxidants, which neutralize cellular damage; and you are leveraging the power of cinnamon which is known to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria.

Source the goodies you need at Amaranth using Gluten Free Only Oats Quick Oats, bulk nut varieties, pumpkin seeds, chia and ground flax as well as organic coconut oil, cinnamon and pure grade maple syrup. Batch make this at the beginning of your week, store in an airtight container and serve alongside Amaranth’s newly stocked Silk Coconut Yogurt or go to milk beverage.

Bon Appetite- @mynourish