Our commitment to Food banks


Food for thought

Amaranth is committed to giving back in our communities, specifically to organizations that align with our core values. We find local food banks have a huge impact and often do so with very little resources (these are hard working and efficient people!), as such we find tremendous alignment with our own values. Read on for or all the ways Amaranth contributes to our local Calgary and St Albert food banks:


From our customers 

Amaranth has food bank boxes at each of the three market stores- Arbour lake, the Enjoy Centre, and 4th st.  We do not measure these donations but often run promotions with organizations to promote customer donations, promotions like the everyplatefull campaign.

From our suppliers

We work with our suppliers once a year for a special donation- more info below. We also donate many shipping errors that are credited.
Our estimate is 15% of total food bank donations associated with Amaranth come from our customers and suppliers.

From Amaranth 

1) We  work with the food bank and our supplier once a year - to deliver exactly what they feel they are short of, usually this is a pallet of a single product that we buy specifically for the food bank - most often this is a line of gluten free products. See our November 2016 donation below:
2) On a regular bases we deliver product directly to the food bank - these tend to be product that we have excess stock of, have a best before date coming soon, or out of season items.
Total measured donations from Amaranth/owner in annual total dollars:
 2012 - $16,952
 2013 - $14,121
 2014 - $6,198
 2015 - $ 9,363
 2016 - $29,402
5 year total $76,036 donations in product and cash from Amaranth 


Ken Klatt President and Owner