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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a simple and maintainable habit that can dramatically improve well-being and so much more. It has the ability to reshape our physiology to efficiently burn fat, increase energy and mental clarity, and balance blood sugar. 

Practicing intermittent fasting is simply the strategic timing of when we eat through the day to maximize our metabolism and allow our bodies to operate most effectively.

Forget everything you might think or might have been told about fasting. Short periods of fasting overnight and through part of the day can be life changing.

This will be a fun and in-depth talk with Dr. Colin Race looking at the multitude of benefits you can expect from intermittent fasting, describing how you will feel better, look better, and increase your enjoyment of life.

Dr. Race is a Naturopathic Doctor who believes that as we get older and become wiser, we can learn strategies to best support ourselves to optimize our health and feel our best. In practice, he aims to thoroughly understand exactly what is needed by each patient to achieve specific goals, restore health, and to feel amazing every day of their lives.

Tickets are $20 and advance registration is required. All guests will receive 15% off their entire purchase at the Arbour Lake Amaranth on February 26, 2019 following the event.

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