Simple Ingredient Tomato Salad

IMG_2308 Whether you are entertaining, needing a 'no heat' light meal after a hot day or packing a lunch to take to work, this salad delivers. I know we talked all about tomatoes last month, but have you tasted what is coming out of those Calgary greenhouses?! Must keep talking!

This salad requires no stoves and you actually don't even have to make the dressing. A rare find on this blog that encourages 'do it yourself' everything, this salad uses a bottled dressing. RawFoodz is a brand from the Toronto area that puts out preservative free, whole foods dressings that are the next best thing to making them yourself. Also, if you haven't added that high powered blender to your kitchen as of yet, these dressings are a great blend of power foods that you may wish you could blend up. They can be found with the produce in the cooler.


This salad is nicely topped by the Sea-zar Serenity flavour including things like dulse, sesame and hemp. They are nut & gluten free, organic and vegan and give more substance to a simple salad. We also have the Ranch Revival for taste testing on another day…

You can pack this salad with anything that speaks to you. Here is what we did:

Variety of local cherry & grape tomatoes Couple olive oil packed sun dried tomatoes Local cucumber Cubed cheese of your liking Basil leaves Other suggestions: thin red onion slices, capers, avocado, lettuce/other greens, fresh oregano, olives, artichokes, bell peppers, sprouts, etc


Chop as you like and dress with RawFoodz Caesar or a simple drizzle of olive oil & balsamic. If you are opting for the later, try adding some fresh or roasted garlic to the mix! Enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Posted by Amy Buckman, Community Ambassador, Amaranth Stores