Pretty Little Sriracha Salad Rolls

IMG_2702 Salad rolls are not new but they are a) a great place to enjoy fresh vegetables and b) another excuse to use sriracha (as if you needed one). We have a couple of new sriracha choices in Amaranth including an organic variety in both red and green (check out your local store for availability).


Salad rolls are one of those great dishes that can primarily be made ahead of time. You could chop everything up in the morning while it is still cool and when you are a hot, lazy sloth in the evening, you just pull it out and everyone can wrap up what they like. Cooking your chicken with your dinner the night before also means that you don't need to heat up the house with this meal!


Loose ingredient list for the rolls

Chicken breasts (about 1 breast for each 2 people)


Vermicelli noodles (1 bag is good for about 6 people)

Filling details could include: cucumber, red or green cabbages, carrots, avocado, scallions and peppers, mango, peaches or nectarines, mint, basil, cilantro, lettuce, sprouts, micro greens, sesame seeds, crushed peanuts...

Dipping sauce ingredients can be found by scrolling down...

Step one: Chicken and noodles

Sriracha chicken - Cover your chicken breasts with sriracha and combine. Allow them to marinate overnight if you would like or just use it right away. Cook your chicken using the method of your preference. Allow them to cool slightly and then shred using a fork or thinly slice with a sharp knife adding more sriracha to your liking.

Left over chicken also works well just adding sriracha to it as desired. As mentioned, you can cook your chicken the night before...

Noodles - Use a nice thin vermicelli noodle and just put them in a nice big bowl and cover with warm water. Let them soak for at least a half hour and up to an hour. They should be soft enough without any cooking. If you like them a little softer, add some boiling water from a kettle for the last 5-10 minutes.

Step two: Fillings

The julienned vegetables are completely up to you. We suggest 2-3 choices including things like: cucumber, red or green cabbages, carrots, avocado, scallions and peppers.
Thinly slicing your red cabbage and massaging it with fresh lime juice will give you a memorable flavour and intensify the colour of the cabbage…

Don't forget some julienned fruit too. Choose one from mango, peaches or nectarines.

Next are the flavour punching herbs like mint and basil. We suggest using both and cilantro is also a great choice.

Other additions could include lettuce, sprouts, micro greens, sesame seeds or crushed peanuts.

Step three: Dipping Sauce

Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce

1/4 cup creamy natural peanut butter (just peanuts, no salt, oil or sugars)

1-2 TBSP hoisin (check to see if the Amaranth near you carries Premier Japan Organic Hoisin - delicious, clean and GF too)

2-3 tsp tamari (GF if needed)

1 tsp honey

1-2 tsp sriracha

1 garlic clove minced (optional)

1-3 tsp water as needed

Whisk all of the ingredients together, taste and adjust to meet your needs.

Step four: Serving

When you are ready to serve. Lay out all of the filling including the chicken, noodles and vegetables. Have the dipping sauce in ramekins if possible or just ready to pass around. Make sure everyone has a large plate.

Fill your kettle to the maximum line and boil. Add it to a large bowl and take it and the rice wrappers to the table. Add one rice wrapper at time to the hot water and let it soften for less than a minute (you will need less time when the water is hot and a bit more time as the water cools off).

Gently shake off excess water and lay the wrapper on your plate. Add just a little bit of everything as you want to keep them small.


To fold, just fold nearly in half over all of your fillings and pull back to make it tight. Fold in each side and roll the rest of the way up. When everyone fills their own, the participation is fun and it is a lot less work for the cook. Plus, everyone picks what they like and you can mix it up and try different combinations.

Make more rolls with all of the leftovers, store in the fridge in an airtight container and enjoy for lunch the next day. If you want to make all the rolls ahead of time, this would all pack very well for a picnic with the help of some parchment paper to keep the rolls from sticking together.
Photos, recipe and post courtesy of Amy Buckman, Community Ambassador, Amaranth Foods Stores.