New Amaranth Fresh Food


  Come and visit us at our downtown 4th St store Cafe to sample our delicious and nutritious, handcrafted offerings to go! Have your salad or sandwich made fresh, the way you like it, and on the bread of your choice. (Do we have gluten free bread? of course). Looking for something to help warm up on a wintry day? Choose from one of our daily in-house gourmet soup creations.


On a tight schedule, and no time to wait? Planning ahead for the evening? We have fresh, ready-made soups to go, located in our cooler section.


No outsourced fresh food here. All of our food is from ingredients 100% sourced right from our shelves and created by our in-store chef, from the bread to the wasabi powder. All ingredients are either certified Organic, locally made or natural.

We want to clarify this last term as for us "natural" is not just a marketing term. Whether it is kale from a small local farm that is waiting on its organic certification or deli meats made without nitrites or MSG. You can be assured, that our menu is free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

To us at Amaranth, "natural" means a healthier option.

Thirsty? We also have freshly brewed, locally roasted Organic Coffee and loose leaf tea from Natur'el in Banff.

If something less hot and more bubbly is what you are looking for, check out our new kombucha taps coming soon in December! We will have on tap a  sample of seasonal kombucha flavours created by True Buch Kombucha here in YYC. To fill, BYOB (bottles) or pick up some branded ones in the store.



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