Mushroom Spice Mix for Burgers

IMG_1841 This burger spice mix combines spice, dried and powdered mushrooms and chia to provide an all-in-one spice and binding mix loaded with nutrients, fibre and the great taste that will have people wondering what is in your burgers!

Mushrooms have been given much nutritional attention, and for good reason.  Among all of the great things that we do know about mushrooms, there are even more things going on.  Mushrooms are very complex and there may be synergistic properties working together to make even more magic happen.  You can use any mushroom powder from a reputable source and  it can be one mushroom or a blend of a number of types.  The blends may work together to be even more powerful.

Burger Mix (for one pound of ground beef, chicken, turkey, etc)


1 TBSP mushroom powder

1 tsp each of onion powder, garlic powder, ground pepper and a high quality salt

1 TBSP chia seeds (whole or ground, black or white)

Combine.  Done.  You can make a large batch and keep it in an airtight jar in a cool, dark place for easy burger making anytime.  If you want to zest up your patties even more, try adding finely diced onion and mushrooms in along with the spice.  This adds extra flavour and moisture, especially for a lean burger.

Pairing your burger with the freshest toppings and interesting salad sides makes for a great, colourful and healthy meal.

Mushroom powder can also be used to flavour soups, gravies, stuffings and all types of sauces. Enjoy some experimenting!

Posted by Amy Buckman