Kombucha on Tap at Amaranth


If you're wondering where to get kombucha on tap in Calgary or Edmonton, look no further! We proudly serve True Buch kombucha on tap at all four of our locations, and Happy Belly kombucha on tap at the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert and Arbour Lake and 4th Street locations in Calgary. You can of course find kombucha pre-bottled at our stores too, but there's nothing quite like a freshly poured drink (and a zero waste one, at that).

Why kombucha? It's great for your gut! A healthy gut means healthy digestion — which can lead to weight loss — as well as improved mental and physical health. Kombucha is essentially fermented tea, and fermented foods including kefir and saurkraut help improve gut health.

True Buch is a local brand who makes their kombuchas in Calgary. They make seven regular flavours, and while the ones we have on tap rotate you can always find the ginger and seasonal flavour. The ginger flavour is made with organic green tea, organic black tea, and organic ginger which makes for an extra strength helping of gut-friendly food. As an extra feel-good bonus, for every bottle or refill of the seasonal flavour sold, True Buch will donate a meal to a youth in need through Mealshare.

Happy Belly kombucha is also made locally in Calgary, and we likewise rotate the 11 different flavours available. The neat thing about this tap system is that our staff can mix and match the flavours to your liking to create a custom kombucha drink. It's available on tap at the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert and in Calgary at the Arbour Lake and 4th Street stores.

So BYOB (bring your own bottle, that is) and fill up on your favourite flavour, or purchase a re-usable 32 oz or 64 oz bottle. Buying kombucha on tap is a great sustainable option because it means you just pay for packaging once, don't create any waste, and just pay for the kombucha refills on your next visits.