It is not a Popularity Contest

Sometimes you look back at old photographs and wonder why you thought it was a good plan to wear your hair a certain way or what you were thinking when you bought those pants.  Well, it happens to us all.  Often though, looking back brings back good memories and reminders about who we may have set out to be when reality was not as big as our ideals.  Well, we looked back and found the six most popular posts since we starting writing back in the summer of 2013.  Depending on when you joined us here, we thought you might like to see some of our recipes and stories that made more sense than chia pets and hip belts… #1  Secret Ingredient Chicken Noodle Soup

Combining turmeric and parsnips as the secret ingredients in this soup may have been what has made it our most read recipe.


#2 Probiotics and their effect on everything from the gut to mental health

The research that probiotics has received in the last year is astounding.  One day, doctors might prescribe a particular bacteria to you for your specific condition. Amazing.


#3 Sea Vegetable Noodle Salad, Naked or Wrapped

Noodles made from kelp and a collard green as a wrap are just the beginning of this very green recipe.


#4 Modern Jam made with chia seeds

So easy, delicious and ready to make any time of the year.  This is one of our favourite activities to use at school presentations.


#5 Crab Apple (or any apple) Salsa

Fruit salsa's like mango are delicious, but for a local treat, try this one made from apples.


#6 Spicy Corn Chowder from our Soup'er Series

These flavours take very little time to develop and the leftovers are amazing!


Thank you for reading and we hope that 2015 brings still more creativity to the dinner table and a continued curiosity of the endless ways to use our local and whole food harvests.

Posted by Amy Buckman, Community Ambassador, Calgary Amaranth Stores