Skin Food by Ellie Bianca


with Ellie Bianca

Glowing skin is irresistible no matter what stage of life you’re in.  It’s worth the investment to care for your body’s largest organ that plays a major role in elimination, regulation and protection. Mindful eating, effective skincare products, supplements, sleep and exercise are all crucial to achieving healthy skin from the inside out.

Our approach to glowing skin begins with eating the right SKINFOODS and using products that will help maintain and enhance your natural beauty.


Roughly 15% of our body weight is skin. Making the skin our largest organ. One square inch of skin contains up to 4.5 meters of blood vessels. Research shows that 60% of what we apply on our skin hits the bloodstream within 30 seconds. The surface area of an adult man is 18000 cm2 and 16000 cm2 for an adult woman.

Understanding our skin structure is the first step to maintaining its health.


  • The skin is comprised of a large portion of the integumentary system.

  • This is the organ system that includes hair and nails, as well as glands that produce sweat and oil.

  • The skin's main function is to act as a barrier against various environmental elements, including: temperature, bacteria, chemicals, the sun and more.

  • Blood vessels help in regulating body temperature

  • The skin is where the body uses sunlight to manufacture vitamin D.

  • The three-main function of this organ system are:

    • Protection

    • Regulation

    • Sensation



  • This is the outer most layer.  It is made up of millions of skin cells held together by lipids.  This creates a resilient barrier and regulates the amount of water released from the body.

  • The stratum corneum contains layers of flattened cells

  • The basal layer makes new cells. This is where mitosis occurs (breaking down of cells)

Dermis Layer

  • This layer contains hair roots, nerve endings, blood vessels and sweat glands that help regulate body temperature and remove waste.

  • It contains oil glands (sebaceous) to keep the skin looking soft and smooth and waterproofing.

  • There two parts to the dermis layer:

    • Papillary dermis that supply’s blood and nutrients to the epidermis


Antioxidants protect skin by neutralizing free radicals. Here's a few ways antioxidants benefit your complexion and leave you radiantly beautiful, from the inside out:

    • Reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

    • Reducing the appearance of scars

    • Anti-inflammatory

    • Firming skin

    • Repairing sun damage

Anti-oxidants reduce inflammation in the body. Anti-inflammatories are important because they calm and sooth inflamed skin. When skin is inflamed, it prevents the regular skin repairing process, which can lead to hyperpigmentation, acne, and - over time - wrinkles.

Our skin is our largest organ, and what we choose to fuel it with really does matter. Avoid saturated fats and dense carbohydrates and opt for antioxidant foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as:

    • Beets

    • Blueberries

    • Dark, leafy greens


Collagen is a protein found in the body that makes up 75 per cent of our skin composition. It promotes skin strength, smoothness, elasticity and skin cell regeneration. As we age collagen production naturally decreases.

Maintain a youthful glow from the inside out and nourish your body with these top three collagen boosting nutrients:  

  • Omega- 3 fatty acid commonly found in fish like tuna & salmon  

  • Vitamin C from dark green vegetables  

  • Antioxidant rich red fruits and vegetables  


Your skin is an organ, what you eat and drink along with the natural skincare products you apply have an effect on your overall wellness. So, why is moisture important to overall skin health? Consider the following:  

Moisturizing skin helps:

  • Maintain elasticity

  • Relieve dry, itchy skin

  • Improve overall appearance, texture and feel of skin

Opting for oils is another factor that affects the overall moisture of the skin. Dry skin lacks oil, and therefore needs oil to return to a healthy pH.  

If eating antioxidants is good for you, imagine what applying antioxidants topically can do! Using oils that are antioxidant rich not only nourishes the skin, but helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and stimulates cell renewal – ensuring a complexion as radiant as you are.  


  • Monitoring what you put into your body is important, but skin health works both ways! Here's some tips for maintaining supple, healthy and radiant skin:

  • Facemasks: Ideal for toning skin and addressing oil imbalances. Keep it simple for the summer and use a facemask one to two times per week.

  • Exfoliate: Encourage healthy glowing skin by exfoliating one to two times per week. Exfoliating removes dead skin from the surface, but also increases blood circulation which helps you achieve a radiant complexion.

  • Moisturize: Hydration allows skin to perform its best. Avoid oil-free products. Oils tend to work better on the face, and help to rebalance regular PH. We recommend Ellie Bianca Skin Oils ( )

  • Drink enough water: I know you've probably heard this a thousand times, but staying hydrated is one of the best ways to achieve a clear complexion. Consuming at least two liters of water a day helps your skin stay hydrates and rides the body of toxins.

  • Eat smart: Opt for wrinkle-fighting antioxidant-rich foods or healthy, hydrating omegas found in fish. Be mindful of what goes into your body – beauty is an inside job.

For more tips and a complimentary skin consultation and mini facial, drop by the local  Ellie Bianca boutique at 814 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB or Amaranth Foods to find our products!