Have you ever wanted to ask your organs and body systems exactly what they need in order to run optimally? If you could know precisely what they need in order to be nourished and supported right, so you did not have to be held back by a sluggish immune system, unknown food sensitivities or an out of balance hormonal system, what could you accomplish?

Well, would you believe us if we told you this day has come? A.O.R, a supplement company that stands for Advanced Ortho Molecular Research has come out with a DNA testing kit that is out of the ordinary to say the least. Not only will it offer a full report of your personalized DNA and gene expressions, it will also provide you with a full report of what it means as well as recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplements designed for your specific needs!

No more guessing and buying supplements you don’t need or that do not work for you. Now you will not only know exactly what to buy as far as food and supplements but A.O.R will also provide specific fitness exercises that work best for your genetic make-up and injury pre-dispositions.

This DNA kit is convenient and will definitely save you money in the long run while giving you the answers about yourself you have been looking for.

What sets them apart from other DNA testing companies?

  • Most of the other DNA companies out there require you to get your result decoded by third parties that cost you more money. A.O.R will not only tell you what your genetic make-up means but they will also provide recommendations.

  • Most DNA companies sell the results to pharmaceutical companies for thousands of dollars. A.O.R pledges to keep all results 100% anonymous and to never sell or share it with anyone.

In short, the value you will get from A.O.R’s new DNA testing kit is:

  • A full report of your specific DNA and gene expressions.

  • Your pre-dispositions to food sensitivities.

  • A customized diet and supplement plan based on your specific nutritional needs.

  • A physical health report with an exercise plan based on your predispositions to injuries

  • An identification of your genes affecting your cognitive, stress and emotional health as well as substance addiction predispositions.

  • Your detoxifying ability- How quickly you are able to remove toxins from the body and what to do in order to adjust.

  • What your specific obesity risk is and how to minimize it with an analysis and a personalized prevention strategy.

  • What your genetic hormonal predispositions are around thyroid, estrogen and testosterone.

How does it work?

Take your product home and put a swab sample into the bottle provided in the kit. Mail it to the address provided. Receive unbelievable value that has the potential to exponentially increase your quality of life!
Come in to your closest location and ask one of our friendly staff about it for more information. See you soon!