Amaranth Foods Monthly Super Specials

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Sales Days


Customer Appreciation Day*

On the first Wednesday of every month, we celebrate our wonderful customers with Customer Appreciation Day. Save 20% on all supplement and body care products. From vitamins to shampoo, we’ve got everything you need, at a price you’ll love, to live healthy - naturally.

Taste the Savings*

On the third Wednesday of every month, we invite our customers to save on everyday products. Get 12% off everything in-store during Taste the Savings.

*Discounts apply off the regular price. If a product is already on sale, you will get the better deal. For example, if a product is not on sale you will get the full 12% or 20% off. If a product is already on sale for 10% off, you will get it raised to 12% or 20%. If a product is on sale but for 25% off, you will keep that discount.

Senior’s Day

Seniors Day Tuesday. Every Tuesday, members 65 years and older get 10% off most items. *Some exclusions apply. See in store for details. See above for info on how discounts work at Amaranth.

Healthy Living Rewards


Earn cash back on everyday purchases. For every dollar you spend, you’ll receive 2 healthy living reward points. When you join the rewards program, you get a free Amaranth reusable tote bag. Win 50 bonus points when you bring your own grocery bags and 500 bonus points when you buy a Health First product! It’s easy to sign up. Simply provide us with your phone number, and we will take care of the rest.


1. Sign Up

No cards. No forms. Just your phone number.*

2. Shop & Earn

Receive 2 points for every dollar spent.*


3. Save

2,500 points gets you $5 off your groceries.*

*Sign up with your phone number at any store.

Free Stuff and Bonus Points!


Free Bag

When you join our rewards program.

50 extra points

Each time you bring your own grocery bags

500 extra points

For each Health First product that you purchase.