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Managing Pain and Inflammation

Having trouble getting rid of pain and inflammation? Finally, learn how to go beyond just indefinitely “managing” the symptoms of your health problems without any long-term relief by identifying where your body is compromised in its ability to remove inflammation, learning how to strengthen those weaknesses, and removing what is causing this inflammation at the root cause level naturally without necessarily having to go the route of chemical medication or surgery. If you’re looking for way more energy, vitality, and a potentially longer life, you won’t want to miss this interactive class led by Jonathan Ley.

Jonathan Ley is a Chartered Herbalist, Certified Detoxification Specialist, and Life Coach. He trained and consulted with the former President of the American Medical Naturopathic Association and works with clients with simple health conditions all the way up to late stage cancer. He uses a unique educational approach which has people develop a much greater awareness of how they lost their health in the first place - learning how they can go beyond "managing" or "suppressing" symptoms to turn around health conditions at the root-level cause. 

Tickets are $20 each, and advanced registration is required. All guests will receive 15% off their entire purchase at the Arbour Lake Amaranth on February 25, 2019, following the event.

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