April Specials and Sales

NutraSea & NutraVege from Nature’s Way

Sale: 15% off all NutraSea and NutraVege products

Why we love it: Nature’s Way is a Canadian brand who has earned the reputation of one of Canada’s most trusted natural product brands. They believe in a herbal renaissance and natural remedies for a better life.

Where to find it: All Locations


Hardbite Chips

Sale: 20% off all Hardbite Chips (Assorted)

Why we love it: Hardbite chips come from the finest, freshest ingredients. This means that every chip comes dressed in all-natural seasoning and is free from GMOs, trans fat, cholesterol and gluten.

Where to find it: All Locations


GTS Kombucha

Sale: 20% off all sizes of GTS Kombucha

Why we love it: This great brand of kombucha has had 23 years of practice to perfect their fermented tea! The medicinal properties of kombucha is what gave GTS the passion to start their business and is what gives Amaranth the love to carry them in our stores.

Where to find it: All Locations


Gimme Seaweed 6 Packs

Sale: 10% off regular price of $7.99

Why we love it: This GF snack can add a boost of nutrients when crumbled into classic dishes like soup, salad, and even popcorn. Or as a snack all on their own when you cut into fun shapes to share with friends. The possibilities are endless.

Where to find it: Arbour Lake in Calgary or Enjoy Centre in St.Albert


Okanagan Rawsome

Sale: 10% off regular price of $8.99

Why we love them: These GF nutrient-dense delicious crisps are loaded with local organic produce and sprouted seeds. 

Where to find them: All locations


McGuire Chocolates

Sale: 2$ off of regular price $9.99

Why we love it: McGuire Chocolate is a Calgary, Alberta based bean-to-bar chocolate maker. This chocolate is delicious, rich and simple. On their new series called Hank they have an artist draw their cat "Hank" into various poses on each bar.

Where to find it: All Locations (Selection Varies)

hank series.PNG

Good Food For Good

Sale: 1$ off of regular price $8.89

Why we love it: These low carb condiments are now available in original or spicy ketchup and classic or sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Good Food for Good is a company who produces out of Toronto CAN. These are great for paleo diets and may work for certain keto dishes.

Where to find it: All Locations

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