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New earth organics - derek flemming

For over 19 years Master Herbalist Derek Fleming has been studying Plants as medicine and exploring the deep relationship between people, our Earth, and the gifts that she provides. After graduating from The University of Calgary in 2005, Derek took on a more serious approach to the study of the Botanical Medicine, and several years later earned the designation as a Master Herbalist under the tutelage of world renowned Herbalist Dr. Terry Willard. Since then Derek’s specialty has been in the areas of Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese Medicine, Seasonal Attunement and Taoist Tonic Herbalism. In 2012 Derek furthered his passion for all things herbal by establishing a high quality niche herb company called ‘New Earth Organics.’ New Earth Organics focuses on delivering unique ‘whole’ offerings from each of the Kingdoms of Nature - the Plant, Fungi, and Animal Kingdoms. The mission of New Earth Organics is to ‘Honour the Intelligence of Nature’ while specializing in Medicinal Mushrooms.

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Dr. Jatish Kaler - licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jatish Kaler is a licenced Naturopathic Doctor practising medicine at the Market Mall Professional Centre and the Kensington Professional Centre.

In his practice, Dr. Kaler works with patients to address concerns ranging from chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, migraines and sleep disorders to men’s and women’s health, pain management and mood disorders. In treating his patients, Dr. Kaler uses therapies including therapeutic diets, acupuncture, cupping therapy and IV vitamin therapy. Dr. Kaler is trained in prescribing natural supplements such as B12, vitamin D, probiotics, magnesium and herbal remedies such as turmeric, rhodiola, and St. Johns Worte.

Dr. Kaler serves on the national level as an elected board member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND). Dr. Kaler enjoys public lecturing and in his spare time continues to pursue his interests of outdoor adventure, active living and cooking.

On October 22nd, we are hosting an event in NW Calgary featuring Dr. Jatish Kaler, ND. He will be providing an overview of healthy immune function and suggest evidence-based natural health strategies to boost immunity, prevent infection and decrease the duration and severity of illness for you and your family.

All guests will receive 15% off all regular-price items at Amaranth Arbour Lake the night of the event following the talk. Click below to buy your ticket!

Dr Elaine Screaton, D.C.

Dr Elaine Screaton, D.C.

Dr Lauren Appleton, RAc, TCMD

Dr Lauren Appleton, RAc, TCMD

Synergea Family Health Centre

Our next door neighbour, Synergea Family Health Centre, houses a variety of health care providers, including Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Counsellors, Massage and Pain Laser Therapists, who strive to deliver high quality, evidenced based, and patient-centered collaborative health care. Dr.Elaine Screaton, Chiropractor, and Dr. Lauren Appleton, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, are two of our practitioners who regularly collaborate together to provide care to enhance overall outcomes for our clients. Drs. Elaine and Lauren have observed that Chiropractic care, Active Release Technique, and Acupuncture work well together, because they are able to target similar structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints) by slightly different means. They have found that working together typically means injuries respond better and recovery is reached faster! Conditions like muscle
strains/ligament sprains, sciatica, and nerve entrapments are examples of their collaborative successes.